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Shipping Information


We ship exclusively with USPS shipping. Our costs are as follows:

Domestic Shipping

  • Within the United States you have two options as a customer of Eyewearking: USPS Priority Mail, which is our standard option, and USPS Express Mail, which is our overnight option. We do not charge flat shipping fees; at checkout the price of shipping will be calculated and you will be charged just the cost of shipping.
  • For all domestic orders, USPS Priority mail will be offered for free.
  • For all shipments above $150.00, a shipping insurance surcharge will be added at a cost of $1.50 for each 100 dollars of total value.
  • Handling time will depend on the location of the frame. All of our products must reach our central shipping location before being shipped to you, our loyal customers. Therefore, it may take up to 2 days for your glasses to be shipped to you; in the rare case where it takes longer than that, we will notify you immediately of the delay.

International Shipping

  • Internationally, we work exclusively with USPS International Priority Mail. 
  • Why? There are certainly several more affordable options when it comes to international shipping, but more often than not those services either are provided by less reliable companies or they do not come with certified tracking information. We have previously worked with some of those lesser services and after certain problems we have concluded that as for both our company and for you, the consumer, those services are just too unreliable.
  • Just as with domestic shipping, the shipping cost will be calculated during check-out and will be the actual cost of shipping; there is no mark-up and we do not earn a penny on shipping.
  • All of the international treatments will be marked as gifts at a ten dollar value so you won't have to deal with annoying customs problems.


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