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Face Shape Guide

  • Square Faces paris-hilton-square-face.jpg

    A person with a square face has a strong forehead, prominent cheeks and a jawline with well-defined angles. The best frames to balance out your sharp angles are rounded or oval frames. When choosing a lens height, try narrower ones to provide your face with more length. 

    Try These: Oval frames, round frames, frames with temples that connect at or near the top of the frame.

    Avoid these: Geometric frames and frames with low-set temples that bring attention to the chin area.




  • Round Facesround-face-sunglasses.jpg

    A person with a round face has a face that is nearly as wide as it is long as well as softer features. The best frames for that face type are geometric or rectangular, as they provide balance and add definition to your face.

    Try These: Frames that are wider than they are tall, Geometric or Angular Frames that provide more facial definition, Frames that sweep upwards to draw attention to the top of your face, Frames with temples that connect at the top of the Frame.

    Avoid These: Out of Proportion (too big or too small) Frames Frames that accentuate face length or make your face appear even rounder and/or softer.




  • Oval Facesangelina-jolie-oval-face-sunglasses.jpg

    Congratulations, you have the ideal face shape! Oval faces are the easiest shape to shop for because of their well-balanced proportions. A person with an oval face has a chin that’s narrower than their forehead and typically has higher cheekbones. 

    Try These: Square Frames, Rectangular Frames, any Geometric Frame will give definition to the semi-soft features of the oval face shape. 

    Avoid These: Over-sized Frames that will overpower your features.





  • Heart Facesheart-face-sunglasses.jpg

    A person with a heart shaped face has a wider forehead with a narrow jaw line and chin. Your face shape can provide more of a challenge but your best bet is a frame that minimizes the width of your face. Steer clear of wider frames that mirror your heart shape.

    Try These: Bottom-heavy Frames that add width to the lower portion of your face. Frames with low-set temples that bring attention downward. Narrow, rounded frames that soften your forehead.

    Avoid These: Top-heavy Frames that draw attention to your forehead Frames with decorative temples that draw attention upward.




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